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    Hard to select the first value of a Drop down with arrow key (Win)


      Product and version

      FileMaker Pro 11 (or prior) to 15.0.1

      OS and version

      Windows 7 (or prior) to 10




      On Windows, when the user open a Drop down list, the use of down arrow key is selecting the second value, instead of the first value on a Mac. This make the selection of the first value more difficult on Windows.

      How to replicate

      Create a layout with a drop down, related to a value list that have multiple values

      In Browse Mode on Windows, open the drop down and press the down arrow key

      Note : the second value is selected

      Repeat the same steps on a Mac

      Note : the first value is selected


      Workaround (if any)

      On Windows, press first down arrow key and then, the up arrow key