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    FileMaker 15 is creating damaged PDF files.


      Product and version   FileMaker version 15

      OS and version   Macintosh OS-X 10.11.5

      Hardware   27" iMac

      Description  see below

      How to replicate  Use the Save as PDF menu command

      Workaround Work in FileMaker 14 until this is fixed.



      When I execute a script in FileMaker 15 that has been reliably working in FileMaker 14 and earlier versions, it writes a PDF file to my desktop.  If I then double-click it to open it, I get this Acrobat message.

      Screen Shot.png


      Using Apple Preview, the result is the same.

      Screen Shot 1.png


      Using the Print menu and the OS-X PDF option works fine in FileMaker 15 just like 14.  


      However, producing the PDF using the Save as PDF in FileMaker 15 is useless.   Doesn't anybody test these things before the program ships?

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          the Deprecated features in FileMaker 15 | FileMaker do mention a change on save record as PDF :


          The following features have been removed from FileMaker :


          • Save records as PDF using Acrobat 5 and Acrobat 6


          Is there a chance that could be related to the option you initially set in your existing script with prior version ?

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            This raises more questions than it answers, but thanks Fred for mentioning this fact.


            In my FileMaker 14 solution, the script step for Save as PDF has a "Compatibility" option that does not exist in FileMaker 15.   In the case I reported the Compatibility is Acrobat version 7.

            Since it is not possible in FileMaker 15 to view whatever was scripted in an earlier version, we have to ask:

            • Do we have to re-open all solutions in FileMaker 14 to re-set the compatibility to something acceptable, whatever that is, or
            • Does FileMaker automatically set the compatibility to something acceptable?


            I think it's safe to conclude that the second possibility is not true, but it leaves me wondering what is the hidden Acrobat version being used when new scripts are written?

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              Thank you for your post!


              I have been unable to reproduce this behavior with FileMaker Pro 15 (Advanced) on Mac OS X 10.10.5 or Windows 7 Professional (64-bit). To attempt to reproduce:

              1. Created test.fmp12

              2. Created several fields

              3. Created 50 records with sample data

              4. File > Save/Send Records As... > PDF...


              My test.pdf opened as expected with Adobe Reader DC and Preview.


              Are you able to reproduce this behavior in a new file?



              FileMaker, Inc.

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                Can you try it on a duplicate of your layout and replace all your fonts with another another default font?


                - Koen

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                  I believe that this only happens with files upgraded from older versions based on the classic styleset.

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                    I have this very same problem in Mac (10.11.5). I launched an older database file with FM 14 and saved as pdf correctly. I checked PDF version and was Acrobat 7 and above in the PDF options of the script. Thereafter, I launched the same database in FM 15 and continued producing damaged PDF.


                    Printing to PDF from the Print menu is alright as it uses the Mac OS Quartz PDFContext. Save as PDF uses Adobe PDF Library 10.1 (at least in FM 14).


                    I have created a new simple Save as PDF script in the same database asking for input and continues producing the same damaged PDF. I recovered the database to no avail. It looks like this an incompatibility issue with files from previous versions.


                    However, I have tested two other files with a similar script and print correctly. Content creator declares Filemaker Pro Advanced 15.0.1. The three databases have been updated from fp7 and the difference between them is that the affected one was subsequently updated from fp3 (certainly old). It looks like very old databases are not correctly managed by FM 15, so one has to either re-write the old database and import the records or continue to use FM 14 for these files.

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                      Testing and Development are aware of this issue. So far it seems to have several potential factors:

                      1. Incompatible font.

                      2. Corrupt permissions

                      3. Font duplicates in the system or font corruption.

                      4. Issues with the font cache.


                      I hope this information is of use and I will respond back here when further information is available!



                      FileMaker, Inc.

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                        Exactly. It was an incompatible and duplicate font (Amasis MT and Type 1) that was inherited in the form from long ago. This font did not conflict with FM Pro 14, but it did with version 15.


                        Changing the font, solved the issue.

                        Many thanks.

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                          I've had the same issue and posted in another thread.  I've done a bit more testing based on the note regarding fonts and this is what I've found:

                          • My first layout has a font specific to my client and causes a damaged file to be created
                          • My second layout used Helvetica as the font and does NOT cause a damaged file to be created


                          So the issue is font-related.


                          However, prior to the 14.0.6 update, there were no issues with my first layout - it generated without a problem.  This system has hundreds of layouts with their specific font being used, which causes the damaged file.  It isn't reasonable to expect us to change the font on all of these layouts in order for an update to work.


                          Is this issue still in process to be fixed?

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                            A new PDF engine was built for FileMaker Pro 15, and it has also been included with FileMaker Pro 14.0.6.


                            From the ongoing investigation, It appears that this issue is caused by Type 1 fonts.   If you use built-in fonts, the issue does not occur.  Until this is resolved, I suggest rolling back to FileMaker Pro 14.0.5.


                            I have also attached your post to the original report.  When more information becomes available, I will post again.



                            FileMaker, Inc.

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                              Thanks for the reply.  I’ve advised my client not to update, I just wanted to make sure the issue will eventually be resolved.






                              Larinda Hind-Smith  | senior project manager

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                                Confirmed: I had the same issue - there was a Futura Type 1 font for mac on the layout - changed to Futura Std OTF and everything worked perfect.

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                                  I have heard various explanations including fonts, portals, and other things. When this matter first arose I pointed out that the "compatibility" options for save AS PDF Are now gone AND I Believe that is at least partially responsible because Print As PDF from the print dialog works fine. I have no other evidence for my hunch but one other thing I have found to be true: PDF fails IN FileMaker Advanced but it is OK in Filemaker Pro. You would think that would make this a lot easier to resolve but for the time being I have to workaround this issue.


                                  Also, I have not tested in Windows..... only on my iMac

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                                    This issue has been resolved in FileMaker Pro 15.0.2.



                                    FileMaker, Inc.