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embed fields from different records into an email subject

Question asked by williamrollo on May 19, 2016
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I want to be able to automatically populate my email subject with several 'reference' fields from a found set of related records. The context is I have a few invoice tables related to a single customer - I want to be able to email the customer these, but as the subject, I would like the three or so invoice numbers as the email subject.

I have tried a Loop and set variable but it isn't working so would appreciate any advice...


Go To record/request/page [first]


   Set Variable [$Reference ; INVOICE DETAILS::Reference]

   Go to record/request/page [next ; exit after last ]

End Loop


Send Mail..



It all works except in this case the subject field remains empty - If I remove the loop it just sets the first record's reference as the variable, obviously!