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Filemaker as a development platform?

Question asked by tmcelin on May 20, 2016
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Greetings –

I have a question I wanted to run by the more seasoned FM developers and consultants regarding the viability of FM as a development
platform.  I’ve been in IT for 30 years as a consultant, programmer, business owner. My roots go way back to the dBase/Foxpro/Clipper days of yore. I’m not a current in FM however considering it. Before I invest resources to start development I need to determine if it’s the right development environment for what I want to accomplish.


The short story is that I have some great ideas for db apps that I’d like to develop and market for commercial as well as single user use.  My guess is that users could run my apps via a browser to a server based solution but I would not want to have that be the sole location of the code and data. I would like some stored locally. Also recent threads posted here about phasing out a runtime component are disconcerting.  It also looks like Apple/FM want a big part of any revenue pie. So my question is, if I have data based solutions I want to develop and market is this the right path to follow? If not - in your experience - what other platforms might I consider?  Thanks in advance for your thoughts!  Tom