Filemaker 15 - will be looking at other platforms

Discussion created by CJWatson on May 20, 2016
Latest reply on May 20, 2016 by miler24

I have enjoyed using Filemaker as a development platform. It provides a great design 4gl. But I feel Filemaker is moving in the wrong direction with their product.

     1. Filemaker 15 - this was a disappointing upgrade. Very little in new features for designing programs. With all the great suggestions left by users in the forums, they left most of them out. Especially still not being able to print in Web direct.

2. The licensing model is way to expensive.

     1. When you consider that a user has to still buy a $329.00 application to connect to a $74.00 connection, how is a developer going to make back any profit if you want to make a vertical market application.

      Let's say you want to host a Golf League program. It would cost $74.00 ( based on $888.00 annual for 5 users) and most competitors charge $99.00 a year to join their web operated sites. You can't use Web Direct because it doesn't print, so a user would have to purchase a $329.00 copy of FMPro.  4D has a client application for connecting to their servers that is free, why can't Filemaker. This would at least give some options until Web Direct can print.

3. Looks like they are on a path to get rid of runtimes

     1. Another reason that developers will eventually lose the ability to make money from Filemaker. Again how about a Filemaker lite that will just run a filemaker file. Users don't need all the features of Filemaker pro or it's cost.


Without the above changing I can't spend another year waiting for the possibility that Filemaker will change. I can use this year to move to another platform that will allow me to accomplish the things listed above today.  Filemaker mistakingly doesn't provide a roadmap of where they want to go so I can't run a business that has a roadmap without the same from Filemaker.