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    FileMaker Server 15 - Verbiage




      I just installed FM Server 15 into our test environment and I have been doing some testing.


      Server OS: Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard

      Rest of the specs are irrelevant to this discussion:




      I'm certain we have concurrent connections because of our SLA and looking at our server they granted us a ton of user connection licenses.


      Anyhow, I am messing around with WebDirect and FMP trying to figure this out, and how and if this will really affect us. (I highly doubt it).


      But back to my point, the verbiage states 1 user connections client is connected when I run webdirect. If you look down below though, it says 0 user connections clients are connected.


      It really isn't the most clearly worded section on the planet.



      It also doesn't resolve the computer name, but the IP address. I don't know if that is how it is supposed to be for web direct.


      It does say that it is a "User Connections LIcense", but I also feel it should read "User Connection License" I don't know why you would make this plural in this case.

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          This looks correct. Showing the total UC as one for your single WD client.


          The next line shows how many FMP clients are connected and how many of the FMP clients are FMP UC clients.


          If you download the FMP for User Connections product from your download page and connect you will see how this changes the FMP connection sub total line.


          SLA is still a Concurrent Connection product even though the verbiage is User Connection in the admin console. With SLA a User Connection client will use up a concurrent connection. For more details contact your rep.