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    Extremely slow printing


      This week we switched to Filemaker 15 but were forced to go back to  Filemaker 14 due to incredibly slow printing. In FM14 there was perhaps a half second delay between pressing the print button and the printer printing. In FM15 this is easily 20-30 seconds per document due to the printer saying "processing document". Since we often have to enter and print job orders at the speed of one every 2-3 seconds, this means that 20 job orders take 5-6 minutes to print!


      What is odd, is that not all documents have this problem. Some print like before but our most-used document is very slow to print.


      The script for printing is very easy:

      - go to layout

      - print setup

      - print

      - go back to original layout


      We have a second script that uses the exact same steps but with a slightly different layout and this prints at regular speed.


      Any idea what could be the cause for this? Neither layouts has script triggers or special graphical elements - it's all text only.

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          I just did some extra testing: it's definitely tied to the layout. When I swap layouts in the script with the slow printing, it speeds up again. The odd thing is that both layouts are absolutely identical except for the fact that the "fast printing" layout contains filled-out fields while the "slow printing" layout contains just a line for manual writing so the slow layout has less elements but is otherwise identical. Very puzzling ...

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            Thank you for your posts.


            From your description, if you "swap layouts in the script", then it speeds up again.  This sounds like the original script may be damaged.  From your description, I cannot determine if the issue is with the Print Setup or Print script step, so to get you working quickly, duplicate the original script (since it is working), edit the script to switch to the desired layout, and save it.  If you want to pursue the original script further, remove the Print Setup step first, insert a new Print Setup step, set the options, and try again.  If the issue still persists, remove the Print step, insert a new Print step, and try again.  If the issue still persists, then delete it and use the new duplicated script.



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              I have a similar but slightly different problem.


              It is printing a receipt  through a lantronix to a star printer.  It is a logo and list followed by a summary. In this case you have to wait of the image to be properly rendered to print it or it prints to about 15% of the size it should.

              If you wait it generates the preview then it prints perfectly.


              The waiting for it to render is the issue.

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                I did some more tests and I have some images to illustrate.


                There are several things to note:


                1) Regardless of the outcome of the image that is printed the paper advances from the paper roll exactly the same amount. This means that the length of print is being calculated correctly but not the print area.[pictures of actual print side by side enclosed]

                2) To get the image to print correctly, there are two pauses; one for  the preview to render and the other for the item to print

                3) When you try to print without the image being rendered in the preview it comes out as a tiny image and a second splash screen appears which is the one that presents with the Cancel.  (This splash screen also appears using FMGO 13 on all occasion)

                4) Using FM GO 13 it is 22 seconds to print (this is slow and would benefit from speeding up)

                Using FM GO 15 it is 18 seconds to produce the image to enlarge and then you have to wait and then it prints

                at 25 seconds

                Using FM GO 15 and not waiting for the image to enlarge it prints at 22 seconds similar to MFP GO 13 but a ridiculous image.

                5) because of 2) above the client wants to stay on FMP GO 13 and not use 15 as the risk of staff members pressing the print button too early is too great.

                6) For the same treason it has to print with the dialog box off although in tests turning the dialog box on made no difference to the speed except for the time taken to press the additional buttons.


                All the above were achieved by a single line script telling it to print to the layout. ! ! !IMG_0147.jpgIMG_0146.jpgIMG_0145.jpgIMG_0138.jpg

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                  Thank you for your posts.


                  Our Testing and Development departments would like to see a copy of your solution.  I have sent you a private message with instructions where to send the file.



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                    Any progress on this? Have the same issue with printing labels on Brother QL-720NW printer via FM Go. On opening print dialog and first rendering of preview it shows label as a 10% zoom in top left corner of whole page (and prints this way if one continue with the print without waiting). Then, after some 5-7 seconds of just waiting without any user interaction, it re-generates preview stretched to full page and prints as required. The same issue appears on both FM Go 14 and FM Go 15.


                    One more thing - if I do not have any AirPrinters around, the preview on "Printer Options" dialog does not change it's size to normal and stays in "small" 10% zoom size. Print to PDF saves label normally (full page).

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                      I received your file.  Thank you.


                      I am unable to replicate the issue, as I am limited by my printer options from my iPad.  I have sent your file and comments to our Development and Testing departments for more thorough testing.  I will keep you posted.



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                        There has been no progress at this time.  However, I have attached your comments to the original report.  When more information becomes available, I will post again.



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                          Our Testing department does not have access to Lantronix devices, so they could not test.  Using other printers, they were unable to replicate.  Here are some comments suggested by Testing:

                          1. Make sure you have the latest firmware and/or drivers for the Lantronix device.

                          2. Try printing from FileMaker from the Desktop.

                          3. Try printing to a PDF (not Save as PDF) and send it to the printer from iOS.

                          4. Does the issue occur with other devices?



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                            I had forgotten about this, but I came across this issue many months ago.

                            It is specifically tied to iOS 9 and the new way in which it renders the preview for the print job.

                            I also use a lantronix print server and networked Star TSP1000 printers which are not AirPrint compatible.

                            The lantronix device has allowed us to use such printer types with AirPrint.

                            No amount of playing with firmware, paper size, print size has overcome the issue.

                            iOS9 print insists on rendering every print job and it seems to take longer to generate with lantronix hosted printers.


                            My only work around is to remain on iOS8 and print as before or instruct users on iOS9 devices to allow the print job to render.


                            For those interested, in thermal tally roll printers, there are very few available, one I found to be good was the (very specific model with firmware update) Brother RJ4040. However they are expensive and consumables are also expensive. Though I think there may now be other brands also available, I just haven't been pressed to investigate.


                            BigTom who posts here has a great suggestion for a FM desktop Print robot, he posted the methodology elsewhere on the forum and is well worth considering if you have the spare hardware and licence seat. It's the way I'll be going if there is no improvement in iOS10.