Extremely slow printing

Discussion created by StevieP on May 20, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2017 by kss

This week we switched to Filemaker 15 but were forced to go back to  Filemaker 14 due to incredibly slow printing. In FM14 there was perhaps a half second delay between pressing the print button and the printer printing. In FM15 this is easily 20-30 seconds per document due to the printer saying "processing document". Since we often have to enter and print job orders at the speed of one every 2-3 seconds, this means that 20 job orders take 5-6 minutes to print!


What is odd, is that not all documents have this problem. Some print like before but our most-used document is very slow to print.


The script for printing is very easy:

- go to layout

- print setup

- print

- go back to original layout


We have a second script that uses the exact same steps but with a slightly different layout and this prints at regular speed.


Any idea what could be the cause for this? Neither layouts has script triggers or special graphical elements - it's all text only.