"Next/Previous" buttons on a tab control or slide control

Discussion created by realgrouchy on May 20, 2016
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I was looking at some old discussions and Help topics ( Creating a Next button that goes to the next tab , Sliders with optional navigation arrows  , Determine Active Tab ) and realized there needs to be a better way to create "Next/Prevous" tabs than manually programming each individual Next and Previous button on each tab, as described in  How to navigate between tabs in a tab panel using scripts | FileMaker .


I've created a script that allows you to go to the next/previous tab (including wraparound) using the same Next/Previous buttons on each tab.


It requires naming each tab or slide with consistent and consecutive numbering, which also means that if you rearrange, add, or remove tabs, then you have to renumber the tabs in the tab control.


This also works for slide controls.


I'd be thrilled to know if there's a better way. If it were possible to get the object name of the currently selected Tab, it would be easier to extend this beyond 9 tabs/slide controls. I initially played with the idea of getting the next/previous button to simply go to Tab1 and using a script trigger to be able to determine the Get (TriggerCurrentPanel), but I couldn't find the right combination of settings (if one exists) to get it to work.


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