Show Custom Dialog contents disappear when cancelling changes to Single Step

Discussion created by realgrouchy on May 20, 2016
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Product and version FMPA 14.0.5 (sorry, haven't installed FMP15 yet)

OS and version OSX 10.10.5

Hardware iMac 27"

Description Previously-saved contents of the Show Custom Dialog script step disappear when that script step is removed and the users cancels changes to the Single Step

How to replicate


1. Add a button to a layout

2. Assign to the button a single step Show Custom Dialog step with some text in the title and/or message.

3. Save the layout

4. Reopen the layout editor again and open the button definition

5. Delete the single step from the Button Action dialog.

6. Press Cancel to close the Button Action dialog without saving.


Expected results: The Show Custom Dialog step saved in step 3 is unaffected.

Actual results: The Show Custom Dialog contents are empty.




Exit the layout without saving changes to the layout.


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