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Not sure if this is a problem with FileMaker or if this is by design, but we noticed this interesting issue with container fields:


When a container field is set to "optimize for interactive content" (instead of "optimize for images"), you can no longer layer any objects or text on top of that container field in layout mode. If you try to layer an object on top of the container field in layout mode, it will not show up in browse mode... seems like the object might end up BEHIND the container field instead of ON TOP OF the container field.


However, you CAN successfully layer objects or text on top of a container field if the container field is set to "optimize for images".


In our particular circumstance, a client of ours has an interactive container field, and he wanted to obscure the container field under circumstances. For example:


- If the container field is empty, he wanted some text to appear on top of that container field that says "Please insert file here!" (UPDATE: I CAN DO THIS WITH FIELD PLACEHOLDERS, SO THIS ISN'T A PROBLEM.)


- If the record contains invalid data, a big image of a stop sign could appear over the container field, which would obscure the person from seeing the contents of the container field. (UPDATE: SEEMS LIKE THE WAY TO DO THIS IS TO HIDE THE CONTAINER FIELD ALTOGETHER UNDER THOSE CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES, SO THE OVERLAYED IMAGE CAN APPEAR. The only downside to this is that the user won't be able to see any of the container's contents behind the image, but that should be okay in this circumstance.)


But we can only do that if the container field is not set to interactive.




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