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What is FM 15's Equivalent to a Subform with a Continuous Form?

Question asked by PeterTeneldas on May 22, 2016
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Hello, everyone. 

Simple question from a Filemaker novice.


With FM 15, I want to recreate a simple one-to-many database I've created in Access.  I'm not yet up to speed with FM and am still a bit fuzzy on some of the nomenclature.  If I describe what I want to do, I am hoping someone could tell me what the FM equivalent is.


I designed a simple relational database in Access for my music collection.  The Access database has a subform with a continuous form.  I enter the name of the artist at the top of the form, and underneath it is a subform where I can enter several albums by that artist.  The subform is unlimited, and I use Access' Paste Append option to copy lists to the Clipboard and paste it into the continuous form.


So, my question is: What nomenclature refers to Filemaker's equivalent to a continuous form in a subform?  Does it support something similar to Paste Append?


Thank you!   Peter Teneldas