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PDF container files with embedded videos

Question asked by ledcreigh on May 20, 2016

We have a fairly simple document repository FMP Pro 14 application running on a Mac.  It has a number of descriptive fields and then a single container that usually contains a PDF file.  Some of the PDF files have embedded videos (.mov files).  The videos play just fine in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC (2015 Release).  In FMP, the first frame of the video is shown, but when I click on the play button in the lower left, the video frame goes all white and nothing seems to be happening (no video playing, no controls at the bottom).  If I right-click on the video (accessing the Adobe Acrobat plug-in controls), I can select Disable Content which then causes the container to show the first frame again.  If instead of clicking Disable Content, I click Full Screen Multimedia, the video plays properly in full screen mode, with all of the play/pause/fast forward/fast backward controls displayed at the bottom.  Hitting the escape key (or right-clicking and selecting End Full Screen Multimedia), takes me back to the container.


I've been dreading trying to get an answer on this as I'm concerned that I will get in a circular firing squad between FileMaker, Adobe, and Apple.  FileMaker Pro is using the Adobe Acrobat plug-in, which in turn uses the Apple QuickTime plug-in.  Any guidance on how to diagnose and/or get this to work would be greatly appreciated.