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    FMS 14.0.4b - Databases stuck in Closing state


      Hi FM Community,


      I have a client running OS X 10.11.5 with FileMaker Server and we run into an issue when closing files. Upon closing a file, the connections get disconnected but the file state gets stuck in "Closing". However, if I check the Log Viewer, a log is generated saying the database was closed. I've waited a reasonable amount of time for the Admin Console to update, even tried relaunching it, but it never leaves the "Closing" state. Therefore, i never get the option to re-open the file or download the file.


      I've attempted to restart the admin console via terminal. This is where it gets bad. Once logged into the admin servers, the databases never load into the admin console. The Activity Log goes empty and the main Status screen will report "0 Databases hosted out of total 0". After this, the client reports that they cannot access their files. I believe this issue is probably because i'm restarting the admin server while it is stuck closing a file.


      At this point I have to do a full reboot of the machine to get it back into a functional state.


      I've tried toggling off the database server and toggling it back on to reset the server and that hasn't resolved the issue.


      When I try to re-deploy the server, it ends up freezing and never completing its re-deployment.


      I have a feeling i'm just going to re-install FMS on the machine over the weekend, but I would like to hear if anyone has experienced this issue. Unfortunately, no crash logs get thrown by this issue so I can't attach any hard data.


      Edit: Forgot to mention: We were experiencing an issue with a particular file that may have been corrupt so I will provide updates if that ended up being the fix.



      - Jeff Henry

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          Update - Replaced the hosted file with a backup file. Experienced the same issue today.


          Another note, when I attempt to do a fmsadmin command like "fmsadmin list files", I get an error back that says "Error: 10502 (Host unreachable)".

          Attempting to force disconnect clients or turn off the database server has no effect at this point and just hangs.


          TSGal or TSFalcon - Any known issues with this?

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            Thank you for your posts.


            Your description sounds like FileMaker Server and the Admin Console get out of sync, as being unable to access files from the Admin Console (closing, opening, etc.) is a classic symptom.  Check the other logs to see if the Web Publishing engine stopped or aborted.  Check the event.log to see if there are any errors.


            Rebooting the computer would reset FileMaker Server, and if no errors occurred, then launching Admin Console will be able to stay in sync.


            In case the files are damaged, run a Recover on the files to be safe.


            A full uninstall and reinstall would be best at this point, as it will write all new files.  Make sure all processes are running.


            If this occurs again, check the Status page of the Admin Console and make sure all processes are running.  If not, check the Event.log to see what errors were encountered.



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              I see the same issue in FileMaker Server 15.


              After restarting the server, the file that was reported as "Closing" was open again.  I execute the Close command and "Closing" remains visible for about a half hour.


              Then I gave up and went to bed.   Maybe in the morning it will be closed.

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                How many files are being hosted on FileMaker Server?  If more than one, are you able to close the other hosted files?


                Are you able to manually shut down FileMaker Server?  This should close all open files.


                Are you running the Admin Console from the server machine or another machine?



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                  38 database files


                  If by "manually shut down" that I would use Windows Services to stop the process, then no, I have not done that.  I did however try re-starting the computer. and when I did so, of course, the file re-opened as it would after any restart.


                  I ran the Admin Console both ways, from the server machine and from my remote desktop machine.


                  And, BTW, your message this morning reminded me to check and see if it closed overnight and it did.   Now that it was closed, I was able to remove it the normal way, without any problem.


                  Here's the log, showing that the file actually closed 12 minutes after the command was executed.  Do you think I am being too impatient for a file that is only 12mb with a normal set of records none of which use container fields?


                  BTW, I think the timestamp in the log is not correct, because you can see that I wrote my note in this discussion at 11:44 and the log says that the file was closed at 11:42.  If if was not showing me "Closing" at 11:44 I would not have written about it.


                  Screen Shot 1.png

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                    Sorry for the confusion.  When I said "manually shut down FileMaker Server", I meant from the Admin Console.




                    or using the commands from Knowledge Base Article #14167:


                    FileMaker Server Command Line Reference | FileMaker


                    You should not shut down the Windows Services to stop the process as this would force close the database files, and when you start again, an integrity check would be performed for each database file as it opens.


                    Generally, a 12 MB file does not take 12 minutes to close.  During those 12 minutes as the file was closing, did you notice if any client was still connected to the database file?


                    If you move the file locally to your computer, open and close, does the file also take a long time to close?


                    Do other database files also take an inordinate time to close?



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