Table occurrences (...) selection in dropdown lists on Windows

Discussion created by lem_alpha on May 22, 2016
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Hello there,


this is actually broken since FMP 14, still is in 15.0.1, but was partly functional in 13 and earlier. MS Windows only (MacOS OK).


On Windows (7 and later), when selecting a table occurrence f.i. in the dialog box to set a field on a layout, or when creating a new link in the relationship graph, or when choosing an occurrence in a calculation window... the type ahead targeting of an item in the list doesn't work anymore.


In v13, it was at least working when typing the first character (this is of course only partly satisfactory compared to OsX where you can type ahead the full TO name...)

A real step forward would be to have the same behaviour as in OsX, but at least bring back targeting with one character.


Besides, TO targeting in the graph still works as before in Windows, but there too the behaviour isn't as efficient as in OsX : underscores break the name searched for. (eg : if there's a TO "invoice_client", there is no way of targeting "invoice_lines"). Would be nice to be able to type the full name.