FM14 Issues - Over My Head!

Discussion created by lukeamer on May 22, 2016
Latest reply on May 22, 2016 by Markus Schneider

I've been developing simple solutions with FM since the beginning.  Then I took an 8 year break.  For some reason, I took on a project to develop a security info and logging database and am now struggling through some issues.


Specifically, I have the following stumbling blocks:


1: Be able to log in/out users with a button on every layout.

2: I have a "master log" layout where all entry is done. I then need to have result pages that display this particular info based on different search/result scripts.  For example, an employee comes onsite and then might leave a few times for the day, but I need to display their hours based on  initial arrival on that day and their last exit.

3. Be able to click on a list of contacts and have it open a detail tab layout on the contact.

4. Drag and Drop images from security cameras to fields and enter a status update.

5. A PDF Container field that contains a thumbnail of a document that when you click on it opens the actual document.  I also need a button that is red or green based on if the field is empty or contains a document.


As usual, the project is due ASAP.  Any help would be appreciated to get me trough this one!