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    Can global variables be renamed en-masse?




      I make use of global variables throughout my solution and I have a small group of variables which I would like to rename.


      I have 8 variables, one of which looks like this: $$APP.ALERT.MESSAGE and I would like to change them to look like this: $$APP.MODAL.MESSAGE


      Is this possible? They will only be referenced in scripts and whilst I can take the time to go through the scripts and seek out the ones which reference these specific global variables I was thinking there may be a quicker way...


      Any ideas out there??





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          Markus Schneider

          there are 2 parts with variables:

          - define

          - use


          You can't rename a var, You have to set it to empty - and define it again under the new name. Everywhere where a var is used, its name has to be changed to the new name (will be scripts in Your case)


          What is really helpfull is 2emPower's Developer's assistant - one can search everywhere, find everything - and the newest version can search&replace (never tried that until now -> but that might be the answer..)

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            Thanks Markus, that's what I thought. I'm actually just trying a feature I discovered in the MBS plugin which allows me to search for some text in a script - it highlights each line where that text appears. I have to replace the occurrences manually but having MBS highlight the lines for me is going to be a real time saver and will reduce the chances of error.


            Thanks for heads up about Developer's Assistant - I wasn't aware of that. It looks very powerful and the price is very reasonable too so I'll be downloading the 30-day trial of that very soon.