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    Can FM Go import photos from Photos app




      I am developing an iPhone & iPad solution using FM Go (14 or 15). Is there a way to get photos already on the device (in the Photos library) into FM Go without having to import each photo individually? Ideally I'd like the user to click a button in FM Go and, with as little interaction as possible, have all the photos in the library magically appear in the FM Go database.


      Many thanks!

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          I don't think this can be done because FileMaker Go. can only import from a fmp12 file. You could move the photos and file to a computer and  then import all of the photos from a folder.  You could use a looping script with an insert but the user would still need to pick every photo individually.

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            You can not import a group of pictures.  You can insert one photo at a time using insert from device : type photo library.  You could create a loop script with a dialog box  asking the user if they would like to import another photo.  The user has to select the photo from the photo library.


            There might be a way to use javascript to automate, so I would not say it is impossible, just not anything built-in. 

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              Will your solution be hosted on Filemaker Server, or just used locally on the devices?


              If it is hosted on FileMaker Server, then I have managed to get multiple photo uploads selected from iOS Photos to work by using some web hosted javascript & the FileMaker PHP API to insert the images into the FileMaker database... The javascript bit was all put together using dropzone.js  - http://www.dropzonejs.com


              The nice thing about dropzone.js was that as well as enabling drag & drop of multiple photos from Finder on Mac or Windows Explorer, it also allowed multiple photo selection from iOS photos!


              The 'dropzone' itself is loaded into a Web Viewer within the FileMaker solution.... In FileMaker Go, the user just taps the 'dropzone' and the iOS photos selector pops up... Works great, but there was definitely a bit of trial and error to get everything working nicely. Another bonus was that it also works in WebDirect :-)