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Multiple criteria to filter portal

Question asked by nanioff on May 21, 2016
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I want to filter a portal which brings Products according to Brand, Category and Project which are all parent tables. I have attached a sample file.


Approximately,      Brands will have 100-200 records,

                              Categories will have 10-15 records,

                              Projects will have 30-50 records.


                              Products will have 3000-5000 records.


This is why I am creating Product records including Category data within so that "Products with Category" is bound.


When necessary I bind      "Categories with Brands"           (Easy to manage 10-15 records)

                                           "Projects with Brands"               (Every project demands special group of brands proper to itself.

                                           "Projects with Products"            (Every project has its own group of products with different Product Name, Unit and Code) 


So when I make an Order Demand, I want its portal to bring Products according to 9 different probabilities.


(Brands, Brands and Project, Brands and Category, Category, Category and Project, Brands, Category and Project, Brands or Project, Brands or Category, Category or Project, Category or Project or Brand)


Is it possible?


Thanks for your help.