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    FMS LAN Speed



      It's been told that FMS Wan speed was much better. In the FMS WAN Speed thread, I've noted that in mis solution, it was a bit faster but not so much. However most of my usage is LAN based. I wanted to check wether or not I'd get better speed.

      Of course, my testing is limited, so we can't conclude if FMS is indeed faster or not, but here's my scenario :


      FMS 14, with 1 FMPA 14 Client vs FMS 15, with 1 FMPA 15 Client, same machines, same cache settings, same files.

      Those are stopwatch times, so don't forget margin of error



                                                                       14                      15

      Solution opening                                 23,95"               23,36"

      GTRR 469 record  in List View              6,82"                 6,43"

      Sorting heavily unstored field              14,66"              14,16"



      So no improvements here unfortunately :-(

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          looks like an improvement to me, as in "it ain't got longer..."

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            For GO, same everything as above


                                                                             14                      15

            Solution opening                                 41,12"               32,67"


            Note that this is second opening for both, as 15 1st opening was also in the 40"s, first opening of 14 aw 43,84. So maybe GO 15, or FMS 15 does better caching.