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First Attempt at Portal:  Displays Data, but Cannot Enter Data

Question asked by PeterTeneldas on May 22, 2016
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May I please request some help with a portal?  I'm not able to use it to enter data, just display it.  I'm a Filemaker novice, so it's obvious I'm missing something, probably something simple.


It took me just a few minutes to create the tables and fields, and design the basics of the layout.  I'm pretty sure I set up the one-to-many relationship correctly, but something's not working. After designing the portal, I tried to enter data into it.  I couldn't. 


It displays test data that I entered into the tables manually, prior to designing the portal, but now I cannot add data into it. Would anyone be willing to take a look at the database and tell me what I've overlooked? 


I'm betting it's something minor and obvious. I'm using Filemaker 15.  Thank you!  I really do appreciate the assistance.  PT