Filemaker Layouts and Dimensions example

Discussion created by ChrisSweet on May 22, 2016

I was having a lot of problems with layout sizes for different devices and different orientations so I decided to put together a solution to test it all and work out the best way of handling it.


Here's my solution. I don't claim its the right way or the only way and it would be great if people expanded upon it or improved it where necessary


Just wanted to share this with you. Many thanks to all those who contribute their ideas here ( and the sample data files ), keep sharing.


This solution shows a splash screen, an about screen, a standard form and a list, also a closing screen.


Orientations for IOS devices use both the OnLayoutEnterOrSizeChange trigger where you create different layouts for both portrait and landscape, and also the autosize technique where you only design one layout.


Hope this helps save you guys some time !!