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    Unknown Connection to Server


      I have a new "client" on my server and I'm not sure where this is coming from.  Does anybody know what this is?    As you can see it is  FileMaker Server 13 and it runs on Mac server (Virtual Xeon Xserve ), rented through a hosting service.   There were no Scheduled scripts running at this time and there were no other users connected.   I checked again this morning, and it is still there, along with the daily users.


      Just in case the screen shot is too small for you too see, it is displaying the client as (mysite.myhost.com) []   Of course, mysite.myhost.com is not the actual address.

      Any help in helping me understand what is going on is greatly appreciated!



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          Any Perform Script on Server sessions being launched?

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            Hi Mike:


            None of the databases hosted on this server have any scripts that use PSOS.  The end users just use the scripts I developed for the application.   I looked at the log for yesterday and there was one employee who had logged in with her IPAD about 2 hours prior to my logging in as administrator, but the connection was closed about an hour later. 


            I mentioned above that the connection was still there this AM, but after posting this, I went back to the server to see if I could get any more details by clicking on the client, but the connection was gone.   I should have done that before posting this.  It would have given something more to go on.  If I find it there again, I will gather more information.