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Assigning Persons to a Trip Itinerary: Two Files, Many-to-Many, Select One or More From Each

Question asked by wacole1213 on May 23, 2016
Latest reply on May 24, 2016 by wacole1213

The problem is how to assign one or more people to one or more stops in an itinerary. My question to the community: is the following design feasible and, if so, a pointer to a similar example would be wonderful. I'm having trouble working out how to best implement the two parts – Itinerary and Persons – on the layout.

File one: list of trips

File two: list of stops on a trip – its itinerary

File three: people who may be selected to join one or more of the itinerary's stops.

I have this idea – which may or may not be feasible – of a layout which has two parts; (1) a part which lists a trip's itinerary [File two] and (2) a part which lists people [File three]. A button on the layout would execute a script which would create a record in a join-table for each stop-person record pair. There would also be an “undo” option somewhere in the process.

The two parts would have a checkbox next to each record which the user can use to select (1) which stops in the itinerary that the (2) person(s) selected are to be assigned. [If there may be better methods for selecting multiple records for a file, please let me know.] Here's a rough sketch of what I'm thinking of:


Thank you very much for your advice.