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How to import from an FTP server and delete the file after import?

Question asked by jurgmay on May 24, 2016
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Hi all,


I need to run a daily import routine that will pull in Order data from a third-party. It is being provided to me via FTP and each day the file will have a different name due to it having the date (YYMMDD) at the start of the filename: 160506_OrderOutput.csv, 160507_OrderOutput.csv etc.


The import is obviously the easy bit but what I'm stumped on is how to manage the files of the FTP server. Ideally once the import is complete I need to delete the file but clearly that's not a native FileMaker job but maybe there's a plugin that can do that?! Is there?!


Or maybe there's just an altogether better way of doing this import???


I'd appreciate any comments on how best to approach this.