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    crash after copy popover


      I copied a popover object (containing checkbox with valuelist) from one database to another.

      after that I double clicked the object and FileMaker crashed.

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          Same crashes with FMPA 14

          FileMaker crashes immediately after opening the database (first opened layout containing that opject).

          I also tried to start with active debugger mode.

          after the layout appeared I had a chance to change to layout mode.

          but if I tried to select that object I got a razzyfazzy crash (using FMPA 14 or 15)

          I had to erase that version going back to the backup 1 hour ago…



          About the object again:


          the popover button itself containing a placeholder showing content from a calculation field.

          the calculation field contains a custom function with sql.

          the popover window contains a checkbox field based on a valuelist with ids and values (showing 2nd value only)


          before I copied the popover object I imported the custom function and copied 2 required fields from one database to the other.

          I also made a new value list using the same name.

          I had to change some things because the table name and the basics of the valuelist are different (also the sql statement)

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            Thank you for your posts.


            I first noticed in the crash report that you are running under Mac OS X 10.11.6, which has not been released.  Are you able to replicate the issue under Mac OS X 10.11.5 or earlier?



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