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Here is my question. Using the filemaker solution Estimates with no changes to the original I would like to add a (what I want to call a contents page)

Question asked by davechatt on May 23, 2016
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ok so using the filemaker solution estimates with no changes


I must say at this point I have not so far been able to make the time to go on a filemaker course but have plans in the future to do just this, if I can convince my colleagues that the filemaker platform is worth spending the time and money for which I believe it is.


I would like to add a contents page in the print layout  I.E. just above the sub-summary (when sorted by category) i want to add a summary of the categories along with the subtotal of each category I have tried a few different ways so far but to no avail. I have used a portal to they show the categories and subtotals but I end up with the portal showing each category separately each time it has been entered I.E hit shows Workshop, shop, workshop,shop, training, training, workshop,shop


I just want too show 1 instance of each category and the subtotal of each category


can you help me?


It would seem easy if I could add another body to the print layout but can only add one body for each layout