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      I put a file in FileMaker Server webdirect share, but when I access via navedor him of the error message "unavailable database". Can someone help me ? thank you

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          You need a few basic things to make sure WebDirect will work:


          1) User permissions, make sure you have assigned the webdirect extended privilege to the privilege sets of any users connecting.


          2) Ports, you need to make sure that ports 80, 443, 16000 and 16001 are all setup in your router to forward to your server. A static IP address is desirable as well.


          3) Server, Make sure that filemaker server is running, and the web publishing engine is running. On the main tab of the admin console, it should state that webdirect is enabled and available.

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            thanks for the answer,



            but the problem I have more files in webdirect I can access only and that no, he appears on the home page of webdirect but qunado I click on it the message saying "Unavailable data bank".Captura de Tela 2016-05-24 às 11.04.23.png

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              Check the permissions of the standalone file on the server. Chances are the fmsadmin or whichever user the filemaker server uses does not have read/write access to the .fmp12 files. Make sure you stop the server before modifying any of the files permissions.

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                thank you once again for your help,

                but I still can not make my database (application) running via webdirect.

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                  I presume you have checked the obvious: the database concerned is set to allow sharing for Webdirect users

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                    Also worth checking the following settings and ensuring they will allow access to the database


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