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    Copy Information from a Text Box...


      Hello Filemaker Friends!


      I'm keeping track of concerts that sponsors are attending in my database.  Some sponsors have not yet chosen which concert they'd like to attend, and now it's time to follow up with everyone.  I'm trying to figure out how I can email everyone.


      My original idea was to create text boxes with merge fields in them.  One if the sponsor had chosen a concert ("We're just confirming that you'll be attending...") and another if they hadn't yet chosen ("Our records indicate that you've not yet chosen which event...")  I was then going to hide the field I didn't want to see. (If Concert is empty, hide one text box.)  The idea was that I could copy the text and paste it into an email.


      After setting up my boxes, I realized that I can't copy text out of a text box, and now I'm not sure how to go about sending out these emails.  There's about 65 going out, so I thought automating it would be super useful.


      I know there's gotta be a better way to set this up and get these emails out... but I'm just not sure what that way is...

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          Especially if they are sponsors, a max of courtesy shall be used.


          Immagine the kind of mail you would like to receive as a sponsor and work backwards, discovering the needed structures to build such an email. Hint: you can also create a pdf and attach it, like one listing all the available concerts with a highlight on the ones chosen, maybe even indicating # of attendants and seat numbers.

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            I see what you're saying and I'm definitely creating a very courteous email... but aside from a PDF, is there any other way to do this?

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              If I am understanding your approach correctly, you can copy text out of a text box using the GetLayoutObjectAttribute function. This should allow you to automate using scripts.


              FileMaker Pro 15 Help: GetLayoutObjectAttribute

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                Mixing text and merge fields on a layout, in a text layout object (I guess that's what you mean with text box) is something I use moderately, because you have a hardcoded part - the non merge field part - and I hate everything that is hardcoded. YMMV, but for me it's a PITA as I live in a country with 3 official languages and 4 national ones, but generally it's something any programmer tries to avoid if possible, especially because of the impact on updates etc.


                OTOH you want to preserve the past, like in looking at old letters, so the best thing is to have a separate table with texts (pieces of text with a language field and maybe a sex field etc) and a lookup from that table which runs on the current letter / email, getting the "actual" text to be used and putting everything into a final text field via a script.


                Example of separate text pieces table:


                start text                                   Sex               Language

                Gentile Signora *FN*,                F                    I

                Egregio Signor *FN*,                 M                   I

                Sehr Geehrte Frau *FN*,             F                  D


                and so on.


                When building the letter text in one field, you put these lookups together, then substitute placeholders (*FN* with actual FamilyName) and you have your final text in a field, you can put it as a whole as merge field on a layout and you can use it as source for your email.