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    Edge cases for FileMaker 15 licences


      NOT, I repeat NOT a thread for people to air, once again, the things they don't care for, but a placeholder for documented examples of uses cases which the current FAQ and other statement on the new licensing do not really cover, or a chance to pitch a case where users will just not be able to afford to be legal.

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          For those of us with an FBA/FDS copy of server why is is STILL not possible to properly demo to a customer a desktop, iOS and Webdirect solution all at the same time?? Can't do it because we only get one concurrent connection.

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            Thanks John, for kicking this off.


            Use cases:


            Client has 5 computers in the office plus server currently on AVLA with no concurrent connections. There are 16 employees that log in and out of the databases many times a day from various stations. We may need to add FMGo support in coming months, for specific task. Trying see if this would fit with  FLT or i would need to stay on AVLA and add 5 concurrent connections.


            Company has multiple shifts and fewer computers then there are employees why would you pay FLT per user when you would never be able to facilitate all of them at once? Can you purchase FLT at the level of "Active Users per device" or do you have to count the one guy that logs in once a week?



            What would be very handy is a way for end user to enter on FMI's store their current license variety ( edu / corporate) (avla, perpetual)  and have a true comparison tool that can show the end user the rates and terms side by side.

            similar to what you would see when choosing a rate plan from a wireless carrier.


            I agree with you about the limitation of FDS version of FMS the 3 user 1 concurrent connection is impossible to develop on multiple devices and platforms.


            When you are a consultant on site or working remote with clients and you are developing for them a WD or Go solution you are consuming one of their licenses. I would like to propose that  as an FBA using our copy of FMPA  our license connects to a server the user connections should increase by at least 3 while connected so that our presence is not impacting exiting solutions and users workflow.

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              I think that there is a licensing option that fits for any situation. The pricing is the only issue.


              Deployments for most all users will be affordable as soon as developers provide the proper deployment.


              The FDS product is interesting and I have used it only to test FMS function and OS compatibility. It is nice to have around, but it has it's limitations. As a developer I also have a FMS with 5 connections for doing demos/progress evaluation. I think every FM developer should have an AVLA FMS with enough connections to support the number of clients they need to provide access. If you cannot afford to make that part of your operating costs, I do not know what to say about that.

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                True user management is not yet in place for FLT (but rumored to be coming) and if there will be future user management available through server side shell script you may likely be able to manage shift work with licensing one connection per machine.

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                  Paul Jansen


                  I think that there is a licensing option that fits for any situation. The pricing is the only issue.

                  The pricing is what causes the issue with "edge cases"


                  FLT is a really attractive option to facilitate users having mobile access using FMGo. However, as soon as even a single public facing concurrent connection is needed, FLT cannot be used, and so concurrent connections must be purchased at a significantly increased cost.


                  An example using UK AVLA pricing


                  10 users FMPro + Go access = 10 x FLT

                  server £250 + 10 x £77

                  Total £1,020


                  10 users FMPro + Go access ands a single public facing WebDirect = 15 concurrent connections + Server

                  server £250 + 15 x (3 x £77 )

                  Total £3,715


                  To me this is a classic edge case as the addition of the single public facing WebDirect increases the cost to over 360%


                  Even taking the a most favourable case where there are 9 users and a single public WebDirect is required, the price increases to 250% at £2,560


                  Whichever way you look at I would suggest almost any customer would find this a difficult pill to swallow.


                  If only half the staff really need FMGo,  it may be appropriate to purchase 5 AVLA FMP and 5 concurrent connections at a cost of £1,790 but this is still 175% of the 10 user FLT for the addition of a single public facing WebDirect.  Also it is more complicated as you then have to manage which internal users have regular FMP and which have FMP for User Connections.

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                    Markus Schneider

                    There are a couple of situations where I'm unsure about licencing


                    - A mixed environment where some people are working out of office, no internet-connection

                    - Users need to use different devices at the same time (ie internal accounting db on iPad/laptop, addresses on server)

                    - Users with different locations (doctor.. patient-room, personal office, etc., they won't log-out..

                    - single user, up to 4 users (we got quite a few small companies like this)

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                      While I respect the ask and overall intent of this thread -- covering the existing questions and every combination that have already been asked or will be asked online will be challenging at best.  My fear is that the level of "yeah, but what if..." would become non-useful and may not apply across the board.  Not to mention, I, and others who monitor the FileMaker Community, are not in Sales and therefore are not the subject matter experts to dig down into the weeds that some of these questions might require.  Because of this I am going to lock this discussion and offer the following alternate solution...


                      As stated in other threads, your best bet is to contact Sales for questions like this


                      Yeah, I get that that FileMaker Community as a whole won't benefit from JoeBlow's discussion with Sales but the fact of the matter is that Joe's similar situation and environment may not necessarily translate to JoeBlow's brother's seemingly similar situation and environment.


                      Thanks for the understanding


                      Steve Romig

                      FileMaker, Inc.