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Filtering portal records based on a self join.

Question asked by nkolios on May 24, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2016 by nkolios

I have a table with records of takings called "Date", I want to create a portal on a separate layout grouping the data by year and financial quarter.  I created two global fields that I put on the new layout to select which year and quarter i want to look at. I created a second table occurrence of my Date table called "report_DATE" and also fields to identify which quarter and year a record falls in.  So the relationship looks like:


Date::g_year = report_DATE::Year


Date::g_QTR = report_DATE::MGD_QTR


The layout is based on the Date table, the portal with its fields are based on the report_DATE table.  Its not working.  I know it would work if my data was in a separate table as a child table but it doesn't seem to work as a self join.  I'm not sure whether I need a script to do something or use the portal filtering, or set up the relationship differently.


Some input would be much appreciated.  I think it's probably my lack of understanding of "context" that is giving me problems.