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    FileMaker Go 15 Portal Row Highlight


      When I tap in a portal row, it does not highlight in FileMaker Go 15. This makes it difficult to see which row I selected. This works fine in FileMaker Go 13. Is this a bug?

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          Benjamin Fehr

          There are different Options with the Inspector.

          One is to set graphic attributes for the entire Portal OR the Portal:Row:



          second is to set attributes for the different states (…, Active, …, Pressed).

          Of course, Hover won't have any effect on FMGo.



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            Thank you for your post!


            I'm not seeing any reports of this issue in FileMaker Go 15. I am also unable to reproduce any issue when tapping on a Portal Row in FileMaker Go 15 with an iPad on iOS 9.


            efficientbizz offered good advice on checking the Portal Object's Graphic Attributes.


            You might also see if this happens to you in a new database file.


            Additionally, I am going to move this thread from the FileMaker Community Feedback Space, which is specifically for input on the Community itself, to the Discussions Space where you should receive more views and potentially more advice!



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