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    Individual data fields



      I have created a make shift table by lining up various data fields. My first question is ... Is there a way to create a table of fields?


      On one of the columns I would like each field to display the same drop down menu. I have done this - however when I input data all the fields change to the same answer... I would like each field to be able to display a different text from the drop down menu. The only way I know how to do this is to make a different data field for each field of the table but this is very time consuming. Is there a better way to do this? any help would be much appreciated.



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          Thank you for your post!


          It sounds like you have multiple instances of the same field on your layout. Would are able to have multiple different fields on a layout and have them all use the same Value List as a Dropdown Menu, if that is what you are speculating.


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            if you have differing data elements the only way to keep them separate is to put them in different fields.

            If you have a single data element and want to store different values you need to create new records in the table.

            if you need your data to look like a spreadsheet then use table view.


            Sounds like you may want to pick up the FileMaker Training series and work through all of the lessons.

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              Have you tried to use the field with repetition number?

              When define field,  go to Storage tab, you can give a repetition number of this field.

              To display field with repetition, go to Data tab in Inspector, choose repetition scope to show from the layout.


              Example: If there are 10 injection type need to be defined in database and you don't want to make 10 fields,

              just create one field "injection type" with repetition number 10; you will be able to fill 10 different type from the same drop down menu for this one repetition field.


              There are some difference between a regular field and field with repetition, just try to see if it helps.



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                This is very confusing request.

                A different field for every field? What?

                Almost always, "field A, field B" problem descriptions don't work.


                Please try to describe in real-world terms what this is about (products? Monthly sales? scheduling?), possibly including screenshot or spreadsheet or hand-drawn mockup.