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Font size difference

Question asked by ndveitch on May 24, 2016

Hi There,


I am trying to replicate an Excel document in FileMaker and I can not get the layout to look like the Excel spreadsheet because the sizes are different. I created blocks with the same cm size as the Excel cells and where I have 33 blocks in Excel, I did the same blocks/cells in FileMaker and I had to reduced the blocks in FileMaker to get it on the Layout. Then the font used in Excel is set to 11pt, but in FileMaker I had to make the font 9pt and in some places 8pt just to fit the blocks/cells. Then after a few hours of playing around with font sizes and placment, I came close to replicating the Excel spreadsheet, but when I printed it out, the Excel print out was still smaller on the print out than my FileMaker layout is. Even the font, that in Excel is set to 11pt, looks like it should be 4 or 5pt in FileMaker, and all the font is set to Arial.


Am I going insane or is there something that I am missing?