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Emailing PDF Attachments from FM Server

Question asked by dougnewnham on May 24, 2016
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I've spent quite a few days looking for solutions and figured I should ask the community!


I have a customer that I'm developing for that needs an emailing solution.  Ideally I want to have a server script to email out a batch of purchase orders from PDFs sitting in containers, rather than have them email them manually one by one.  While it can be done one by one on their one machine with FM Pro they also run quite a lot of Webdirect clients that cannot create or email pdfs.  The ultimate answer for me is to send a batch of emails from the server.  Of course I've discovered that FM Server cannot export the contents of a container.  This then lead to me experimenting with external storage of container fields but it appears that FM Server cannot access those folders via a script.  I've tried attaching PDF's from the default folder location for the container contents.  I get an email but no attachment.  I'm assuming this is permissions/security related? I've also read that accessing these storage locations for container fields is a bad idea - given that the PDF's are temporary and are over-written each day I am not really that concerned about accessing them unless someone can tell me why it's a bad idea. I pursue addressing the permissions (or is that not possible) or should I be looking at other avenues? Locating the files in a location accessible by FM Server?


My only other option I've heard of is to use a robot machine (FM Pro) on the server to do this task for me using the export field contents and email step but I haven't quite got my head around how to make it execute on demand.


So my ultimate question is - how do I send a batch of emails from a Webdirect client with PDF attachments?


Many thanks.