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Open remote and FQDN

Question asked by KennethGravdal on May 25, 2016
Latest reply on May 25, 2016 by Mike_Mitchell

Just installed my first FMS15 and added a SLL-cert to it.


Now I have a question that I hope someone is able to help me to solve: When this server is displayed in "Open Remote"-dialog/Launch Center it does not present it self using the FQDN (essential for making SSL to work properly).


Using FMPA15 on a mac or a PC, it shows up in the server-list by itself, and what I see is the FQDN ("")


BUT: when open the Network File Path-dialog on the server, this is what I see (and what is used to connect to the published databases):

On Mac it presents itself as fmnet:/fmserver.local/

On PC, it presents islet as foment:/ (its IP address)


The work around is to add the server as a favorite host using its FQDN. Then the padlock is green and everything is fine...


Is there a way to make FMS show up in Launch Center using its FQDN also for network path?


Anyone else experiencing this?