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    Reports help needed


      This question is for FileMaker Pro Advanced version 13 on a Mac running OS X El Capitan.


      I have a database to keep track of reference requests I receive. I have a dropdown box that specifies what type of request I receive -- faculty, students, external, etc.


      How do I generate a report that will tell me how many of each type of request (faculty, student, external, etc.) I have received within a certain timeframe?

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          The typical FileMaker solution looks like this:


          [all of the following pertains to the table where you store the requests:]


          1. Create a summary field, type Count that counts a non-empty field – the requestType field should do

          2. Create a list layout, based on the Request table

          3. Add to that layout a summary part "sorted by" the request type field.

          4. Put both the request type and that summary field into the sub-summary part

          (so you will have a header like: requestType, count)

          5. In the body part, place whatever info you want to see from the individual records

          (If you only want to see the summarized values, you don't need a body part)

          6. Find all records that fall within the desired period

          7. Sort the records by request type (note how sub-summary part break field and sort order must match to get meaningful – or any – results)

          8. There is no step 8


          You can do all of this manually, or (preferably) write a script. Maybe do it manually first to see that (and how) it wrks, then try your hand at a script.


          This is nice if you need a printed report – with a bit of scripting magic, you can create a customized header and use one layout for different reports.


          OTOH, if you just want to see the raw figures, an ExecuteSQL() based might do.

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            Hi Sarah.  You will need to create a new layout with a sub-summary layout part that summarises based on your request type and with a summary field that counts the requests.  When you are on that layout, perform a find to select the records in the date range you are looking for, and then sort the records by the request type.  I have attached a simple sample file that shows it in action.  You could also script the find and the sort if you wanted.


            HTH.  Chris