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Discussion created by JesperHjalmarsson on May 26, 2016
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I have been working on converting a FileMaker Go solution to an app with the Filemaker iOS SDK. But i find a problem.

This solution is to showcase products with video, photos and text so the filemaker file is around 4 gb large.


I have successfully converted it to an app with the SDK, but when a start up the app in the simulator or iPad (through xcode), the app takes about 50 seconds to start up. Then when the app is running, no problem. When a unplug the iPad from the computer and restart the app from within the iPad's home screen, the startup is interrupted by Apples    ~20 sec limit before the launch is killed by the OS.


I've tried creating an app with just a small Filemaker file and that works fine. Therefore it seems like it's the size of the file that's causing the long startup time. I've also tried separating the rather large video files from the Filemaker file with no better result than having them in there.


I have transferred the filemaker file with all the videos (about 4 gb) to the filemaker GO app itself by iTunes and when i start the solution on the filemaker Go app its start in less then 5 seconds.



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Product and version: FileMaker Pro Advanced

OS: iOS 9.3

Hardware Description: iPad PRO 12,9" and MacBook Pro (15", Late 2013)