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    Full Database Backup


      I have a script that does a save copy as of the database and puts it into the specfied folder.


      The issue:

      On deployment of my solution to a customer, i strip all admin credentials from the solution so they cant access layout options or edit scripts. If i try later to import that data from the save copy as, it wont allow me because all admin access has been stripped. What can i do to fix this ?





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          Check the box for "run script with full access privileges".

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            do you have ANY credentials? A limited priv. set could have Import.


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              This won't work across files.




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                With FMP Adv 15, you can do as per below. Don’t know if you can do without Advance:


                Do not remove Admin Privileges when creating Runtime, instead try:


                1) For Layouts:  Under “File”; “Manage”; “Layouts”:  Hide Layouts (uncheck box’s to Exclude From Layout Menus).


                2) For Scripts: Under “File”; “Manage”; “Scripts”: Click on “Show The Scripts Menu Management” button: Uncheck the box’s, for Exclude Scripts From Scripts Menu”.


                Or, you can create a custom menu set, without the menus you don't want user to have access to. And set the solution to use the custom menu as a default. And then you can always use/change to the Standard Filemaker Menus by using an Admin Password.

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                  I cant deploy this as a runtime because the users are using it through p2p. No filemaker server in the middle. Runtime only works for a single instance to my knowledge. I have two accounts in the solution a user account and an admin account. Admin account has full options to menus , but only add and delete records, no going into layout or changing scripts. I stripped the filemaker admin functionality out because there is software vendors out their that have password cracking for filemaker solutions.