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    Issues with Set Field By Name


      Hey Guys,


      I'm having an issue with the Set Field By Name script step. I have created a History table to store unchanging revisions of records in a few main tables. I created a loop and hoped to use SetFieldByName to copy the data into the History table. When I run the script, I get a "this action cannot be performed because the required table is missing" error. I cannot figure out where my error lies in the script.


      Here is the relevant part of the script :


         Set Variable [ $StartField ; Value:Get ( ActiveFieldName ) ]


            Set Variable [ $CurrentField ; Value:Get ( ActiveFieldName ) ]

            Set Variable [ $CurrentDestination ; Value:"\"" & "HISTORY::P_" & $CurrentField & "\"" ]

            Set Variable [ $CurrentContents ; Value:Get ( ActiveFieldContents ) ]

            Set Field By Name [ $CurrentDestination; $CurrentContents ]

            Go to Next Field

            Exit Loop If [ Get ( ActiveFieldName ) = $StartField ]

         End Loop


      FYI, The 'P_' is part of the field name in the History table. This loop is for the Pricing Table backup. I created a specific layout with only the Pricing table fields that I want to backup.


      Thanks for any help,


      Charlie S.