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Batch upload images to container field

Question asked by AnuragSpatzenegger on May 25, 2016
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I have set up a FM DB hosted on FM Server. The DB contains a table with items, and a table with associated reference images, which are stored in a Container Field, set to store the data (i.e. images) externally.


I can successfully add single images from a device using FM Go, but when I try to batch upload an entire folder from a local computer using FileMaker Pro it does seem to work.


To upload the images, I am using the Import Records[] command with the following settings:

  • Perform without Dialog
  • Data Source: Folder
  • File Type: Picture and movie files
  • Import only a reference to each picture file :  unchecked


The idea is to use this batch import, and then simply add the ItemId of the associated item to the found set of newly created records in the reference image table.


However, it still looks like that only a reference to the image file is being created, and the images are not actually being uploaded to the Filemaker server. Does this method not work for the scenario that I am using it in?


Is there another way of doing this?


Thank you for any input.