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    FileMaker 14 Issue Saving Import Records Table and Field Mapping


      Product and version:  FileMaker 14.0.5

      OS and version: Mac Yosemite 10.10.5 and Windows 6.2 (for Windows 8)

      Hardware: Mac and WindowsPC


      Description & How to replicate:

      I'm on a Mac connecting via Cisco AnyConnect to a VPN;  my client is on Windows inside their VPN, connecting to their FMServer via file open remote.

      NOTE: the import records script step filepath = fmnet:/IPAddress4/DBName.fmp12


      I have a script in my client's FileMaker solution that imports from 1 table in their hosted database to another table in that same hosted database.

      Lets say from table A into table B.


      I connect from my Mac, to their VPN, opening the hosted db via file open remote.

      I edit the script step to import from hosted db table A into same hosted db table B and do the table + field mapping.

      And, I save the script.


      When my client runs the script - what I've saved is not there.  Instead the import script step does NOT have hosted db table A into hosted db table B in the import -

      tested this by having my client make the script step NOT perform without dialog.


      When I run the script on my end - everything works as it should.




      Having my client, who is inside their, VPN, go to Script Workspace and edit the script step herself, doing the table + field mapping and then saving the script.

      Now it works for both of us.