F1 opens two help windows

Discussion created by hschlossberg on May 25, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2016 by TSGal

From within the Scripting Workspace window, click F1 to open help.


Issue #1 (the bug): two browser help tabs open (Chrome on Windows 7, from FMPA 15, 64-bit); one of the tabs is the help Home page and the other is the "Creating and editing scripts" page.


Issue #2 (I claim a "bug", though you'll claim "feature request"): if I have a particular script step selected and I hit F1, I expect it to open help on the respective step's page (i.e. if Sort Records is selected, then it should take me directly to the Sort Records help page).  Especially if I hit F1 from within the modal Sort Records popup window, there should be no question that I want help on Sort Records.


Issue #3 (minor frustration): These two new tabs open even if I already have the same two tabs open; FM should target a particular window/tab name so that it doesn't open new tabs every time I need help.


Issue #4 (another minor frustration): the web interface for 'help' is nice because FMI can (theoretically) keep things up to date when mistakes arise.  But it takes much longer for a web browser window to open and go to the right page then it did previously with the Windows help module.  And there are no keyboard shortcuts to the search field -- which is always needed because of issue #2 above.


Issue #5 (a legitimate feature request expressed as a rant): see how on the left side of the Help screen FMI makes use of a great data organization/presentation tool called a hierarchical menu/list.  Let's note how long that has been a standard in the web and data world, pretty much everywhere except in FileMaker...where it can be replicated by a talented developer with a LOT of work, but it should just be a standard UI object.