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    Script needed to effectively play mp4 files


      I am trying to play an mp4 file loaded into a container field on a layout and on a constant loop while the the layout is open.

      I am using a PC to develop, but would like to see this active in the GO app.  I currently have an animated gif working on the PC but shows frozen on the GO app. 

      The script trigger set is OnLayoutEnter.  I just dont think I have the script itself executing.


      The script is :

      1. AVPlayer PLay [Object Name : "Globecolor"; Disable Interaction:Yes Hide Controls:Yes]

      2. AVPlayer Set Options [Presentation:Start Embedded; Disable Interaction:Yes;Hide Controls:Yes; Position:0]

      3. AVPlayer Set Playback State [Playing]


      I understand the AVPlayer functions are inoperable on a PC.  If there is a format that is compatible to both, that would be great.