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    Filter dropdown with checkbox possible?


      I have a dropdown list of projects.  I have inserted the checkbox tool with a value list for "open" & "closed" status.

      Each record has 1 of those status applied.  How can I change the dropdown list to be filtered by one, the other, or both?

      The scipt applied to the dropdown is the simple enter find, set field, and perform find which fires OnObjectModify.

      Thanks for any help here.

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          Checkbox may be incorrect. Checkbox could have BOTH "open" & "closed" assigned to a field.

          (a screenshot here would help!)

          Perhaps you mean you have a field with a value list selection that can be "open" or "closed". Radio button or Drop down may be preferable formats.

          Then perhaps you have a global field (text) that has the same value list and formatted as drop down.


          If you have this as a script (a screen shot of your script would help here, too):

          Enter Find mode

          Set field ( project::status ; project:status_g )

          Perform Find

          And this script is triggered by the OnObjectModify (the "object" being the global field, right?)


          That should work. You may want a sort or have other steps, but the find will "narrow" the number of records.


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            Hi Beverly:

            Screenshot is shown below.  The way it works now is the projects, through the relationship, filter to the users projects only.  The list of projects in the dropdown are all represented for that user.  I would like to filter the dropdown further to viewing just open or closed or both when the checkbox/s based on which checkbox is selected.  If I want to see both "open" and "closed" projects, I would check both boxes.

            How would this work?  Seems like a value list within a value list.

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              Check out the attached file.


              Oncer you have a relationship in place, you have a pointer at related records (if any), and don't need a search.

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                ok. Relationship between the checkbox (ok) formatted global field and the other field. If both are checked, all would match.


                So then you can Constrain the found set (from the relationship match) with the user projects only.




                I might have the relationship to both the user and the status. Then the relationship would match the user and whatever is in the checkbox as "checked".


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                  Thank you for attachment.  The sample is what I am looking to achieve.  I created the additional relationship with another global field.  When adding the checkboxes (new global) on the layout, the dropdown continues to show all projects.  When selecting just the "open" checkbox, the dropdown  shows all but if selecting a closed project, the selection disappears even though the record is selected and related info shows.  I am missing 1 step here and not sure what it is.