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DB solution with multible users - Possible ?

Question asked by Stigge on May 25, 2016
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I have a small solution for my IT Team.. A Admin password storage database.

passwords to our servers etc. for common use.



Main - only global fields

Passwords - Keeps all the records

Log - Log all changes made.


in the Main table everything is viewed. so i use a couple of global fields to store information that makes changes, extra password checks etc..

Am guessing am painting myself in a corner by doing this, since it seems we cant login more then 1 person at the time.


Is there anyway around this ?


I have another issue aswell, i created 2 accounts in the security tab for this database. but somehow the others got get asked for login information.

I might have filled in my login information in File->Fileoptions.. how do i remove that ?


Thank you ! =)