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Scalability for MOOC

Question asked by j_lawrence_mt on May 26, 2016
Latest reply on May 28, 2016 by j_lawrence_mt

Dear fellow community members,


As part of a MOOC offering, I am collecting and generating a variety of OER (Open Educational Resources).  I would like to house those in a database that could be searchable by anyone, via the web.  I am wondering if people feel that Filemaker is sufficiently robust to the task if, in the end the database might contain 5-10K entries with a variety of resource types (video, audio recordings, powerpoint, Word documents, etc.)


Secondly, as I am not a programmer, does anyone know of a Filemaker template that might be similar to what you see in the Apple App Store? Specifically, I would like to include an:  picture of the OER, name of the OER, ability for people to contribute comments and rate the OER , and allow people to download individual files (while tracking the number of downloads).  I do not envision multiple logins simultaneously, but need to include some kind of login feature for security purposes.  Nice features, but not absolutely necessary, would be a spot to "highlight" a new or most popular OER resource, and login via social media account such as Facebook or Twitter.


Thank-you in advance for your responses.