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    software recommendations?


      I am running FileMaker Pro 15 with one computer in our office hosting the files which others access by  "open remote".    I am considering installing LogMeIn on two computers to allow us to open and work in files from home. 


      Does anyone have experience with LogMeIn and, if so, would you recommend it?  (which version?)

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          I was an Early Adopter of and vocal evangelist for LogMeIn.  It was (maybe still is) a very reliable, easy to configure and use, program.


          Their price increases have been astronomical. They have obstructive practices like you can only cancel auto-renews by phone.  And then they can take the money anyway.  Change your credit card details, just to be sure? - they've thought of that too. Check 'logmein complaints' on the web.  Their own forum has horror stories of price increases.

          The upside was it forced us to look at how to migrate 200+ computers on to another remote support platform, and we found there were lots and lots of really good options out there.  Which one best suits you depends on your method of working: some charge by the computer supported, some by the technician accounts, some by the accessing device.  One man's cheap option could be another's expensive one.

          If this is all you want to use remote access for your exposure is more limited.  It can be a real pain to migrate hundreds of remote computers to another platform.  You'd want to invest your time in a company that is trustworthy.

          Remember that accessing a Filemaker solution this way is not really an alternative method of 'Open Remote'.  You are still using 'Open Remote' from the local Filemaker Pro client to access the file.  You are just doing it at one remove.  It is also easy to set up to have direct 'Open Remote' access from your remote computer (but obviously response will be limited by the internet access speed).

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            Benjamin Fehr


            This is the 'Report a Product (FileMaker) issue' Forum. Maybe you can move this thread to a general questions area.


            About LogMeIn:

            There are lots of customer complaints about LogMeIn and it appears that this company is changing Product Case on a sudden (mmh, not the only company who does).

            I'ld recommend to evaluate TeamViewer among others. It's more affordable and used in sensitive areas like National Health System and such alike.

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              In our experience TeamViewer is indeed top class.  We didn't go with it only because our use profile and their licensing model was not a good match.  For others it will be perfect.  Try SimpleDesk, SplashTop, AnyDesk.  Almost anything except LMI.  Don't forget good ol' Windows Remote Desktop (free).

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                Thank you.  We used LogMeIn briefly several years ago (in their free version) and found it only OK  ... but sometimes it's hard to know if the problem is the software, our hardware,  or internet configurations and capacities.


                I'll check out some of your recommendations.  I had to laugh, though, because our use of FileMaker is SO shallow. We're probably only using 1/2 of 1% of its capabilities.  We use it as a giant rolladex and my boss and I are at a point in our lives and business where we can stay home and check up on our two employees by accessing the files to check on the progress of their work.  Good times, huh!


                Thanks again.  I'll check out some possibilities over the weekend.

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                  If your requirement is that 'shallow', and all you're looking for are 'Progress updates', I'd look at a script that checks whatever it is that you're checking for (if it is quantitative rather that qualitative) and email you with the report, or even better: the Exceptions Report.  Have it email you at the time when any particular exception happens. We have business managers who only see these regular reports. No log in required, pick it up on your phone at the bar.  You could also set up access via a web browser and check directly.

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                    Benjamin Fehr

                    In case you're using Mac and have all of them registered with same Apple ID, you can check on your employees' work all day long:

                    Set up and use Back to My Mac - Apple Support