AWS "Hardware Degredation", no automatic failover

Discussion created by CarlSchwarz on May 26, 2016
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I'm just pointing this issue out with AWS EC2.  AWS EC2 doesn't have automatic failover on hardware failure and you can't purchase it as far as I can see.  This means that if you are using AWS for FileMaker then perhaps push those daily offsite backups up to 1 hour offsite backups so in the case of server failure you don't lose up to a whole day of data.


I have a few servers with AWS EC2 and I have received an email from them that the one server is "running on degraded hardware" and I have 2 weeks to access it, and here's the kicker: if it's still possible to access it.  And that I should start another server and move to it as soon as possible as the current server has degraded hardware.  Fortunately this server is still running.


It seems that AWS won't automatically migrate your VM image in the case of hardware failure.  I also have a few servers with another host and they offer automatic failover in the case of hardware failure, in their case they use SAN storage and in the case of one server failing the VM will mount automatically on another server and keep running.


The AWS issue is not a major problem for me this time as this server isn't for FileMaker and what is on there can move to another server fine.  I create daily offsite backups of the database so if an AWS server fails in a hurry I will lose up to 1 whole day of data.  I'm just pointing out that the automatic route seems better and that AWS's "elastic compute" model is great, but doesn't seem like the perfect solution for FileMaker.  If your database is critical then perhaps look for a host with automatic failover rather than AWS EC2.