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Thank you FileMaker for not being 'blue'

Discussion created by Andy Hibbs on May 26, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2017 by Andy Hibbs

I know this is silly, but we do have a Bank Holiday weekend coming up in the UK and it is a Friday, so here's to a bit of weekend silliness.


I use command Tab all the time on my Mac to swap between applications, which displays all open app icons for me to quickly move between.


However, I suffer from 'blue' overdose. I'm busy. I need to quickly jump to Outlook and then back to my app and I select 'Jump Desktop' or 'Mail'. Why? They're all blue! So if I'm running Microsoft Word, Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook, Finder (or course), App Store, Safari, Skype, Jump Desktop, Clarify, etc, every one is blue and trying to differentiate between them slows me down.


However, I never miss FileMaker! Although we have the 'blue disease' creeping from the top of the icon (or hopefully the magenta pushing it out from the bottom) it is clearly different from all the others and easy to spot. So like spotting a Ferrari on a Formula 1 grid, it is easy and I can quickly return to my favourite app.


So here's +1 to the FileMaker icon.