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After Container Conversion to External, PDF View not working

Question asked by cory.hansen on May 27, 2016
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This should be a fairly simple problem for you guys, but it has stumped me as a novice to 'under the hood' FM tinkering and scripting. The company I work for went through a large maintenance swing with our database moving all of our images and PDFs to external storage. The hosting staff is happy consolidating a once sub~40GB file down to 1.3GB, but there's been one hiccup that testing didn't pick up.


I'll post some screenshots here to help guide the issue with PDF viewing.



The method of viewing the file was click on the 'Open' text/button and it would open up in this view:




Before the conversion, the PDF was viewable here. However as you can see, all we are getting is an icon. SAVING or PRINTING from this window also results in simple a blank document with the icon. These PDFs are committed to the database and not as reference files.


In the meantime, I discovered a work around for the staff. If they are on FM Pro, right clicking the square container field and 'exporting field documents' will result in the correct file being saved locally for viewing. For FM Go for our iPad users, click the square container field and going to 'View' does the trick.


However I would like to get the functionality of the 'Open' button back to working measures. Any thoughts?